Our Unique Approach to Therapy

Our approach to therapy is unique, modern, individualized, and dynamic. People often come to us after experiences with other therapists wanting to know how we might be different.

At ETG we are:

    1. Collaborative
    2. Open and Affirming
    3. Existentially Delighted
    4. Creative and Whole Self Focused
    5. Humanistic and Client-Centered
    6. Proactive and Dynamic
    7. Grounded in Science, Passionate about Art
    8. Ethical, Boundaried, and Giving a Sh**

Wondering what it’s like to work with a therapist at Experience Therapy Group?


We partner with you to help you find the ways that work for you to work towards your goals.

We pride ourselves on therapy being about YOU, not us. We tailor our approach to each client based on needs, preferences, and what seems to naturally fit the individual. No two people are exactly alike, even if they have come in for the same issue.

This principle extends to values and identities. If you have a meaningful spiritual or religious practice, for example, we are all about joining and supporting you in your worldview to the best of our knowledge and ability, as a supportive element in your life! If you have no interest, we have no agenda. In  our unique approach, we frame our work around your values, supports, and interests, NOT the other way around.

We also encourage you to do some of the work! At the end of the day, change happens for clients because they actively engaged in their therapy, even outside of sessions. Therapists don’t follow you home and make you do your breathing exercises or reflect on that new concept. You have the power to make the most of your time in therapy by how you choose to work with your therapist, which is why we approach therapy as your collaborators and supporters, not the other way around.

Open and Affirming

We believe, and the research backs us up here, that good mental health requires a healthy, positive sense of self and the ability to embody yourself authentically and see yourself accurately reflected back to you in the world. It also requires a general sense of safety.

In our unique approach to therapy, we aspire to offer human interaction that leads with these values and to be strong supporters of our team and our clients. Being a therapist means always doing our best to imagine being in another’s shoes and a dedication to the beauty and inherent worth of every pair of shoes. 

Covered in tattoos? Working nights? Identify as a member of a marginalized group? Just feel like a weirdo? Had a lot of twists and turns in your path? We are more than happy to pair you with one of our therapist weirdos. For us, weirdo is a compliment and we truly enjoy the breadth of human experience.

We acknowledge that, despite our best efforts, we may not feel like the safest place for all people. You decide that, not us. In cases where it isn’t a fit for any reason, we are always happy to engage in discussion and provide referrals to other wonderful providers in the area. In our unique approach, you getting the care you need is the most important consideration.

Existentially Delightful

Being human is hard, we can help.

In our unique therapy approach at Experience Therapy Group, we delight in all sides of the human experience. We are here for the wins, and we are also here for the embarrassing, the disappointing, the hurts and the harms. 

You can’t make it through life without stumbling. We all do! We all have human brains that react to relationships and stresses in particular ways. We all write internal stories and believe them. We all have some sort of inner critic. We all have nervous systems that get overly activated at inconvenient times and are wired to protect us at all costs. We all get hungry and tired and make mistakes and want things to be different. Being a human is hard!

In therapy at ETG, we hold irreverence for your very human self, all of it. We are all also very human, it turns out. Access to humor and a broader acceptance of our human nature can be so supportive on a healing journey. We are all in the same human boat, and what makes us unique is our affinity for that reality and that conversation.

Creative and Whole Self Focused

Our therapists are curious about your whole self and have the skills to engage creatively with YOU.

As an experientially focused practice, we have a lot of tools in our tool belt in addition to the usual talk- and cognitive-based modalities. We have many different orientations we can apply to your specific case that engage other ways of knowing. That means we are co-creating our approach with every client.

Do you loathe the idea of mindfulness? Ok, we have another idea. Does the idea of doing art in therapy make you curl up like a pill bug? Great, we have other options. Did you get worn out on worksheets with your last therapist? Cool, we have other ways to share the same content. Our skilled therapists are able to creatively adapt to what works best for you to engage, learn, and challenge yourself.

In our unique approach we see each client as their own whole and complete person. We believe you are the expert on you and that, in addition to focusing on your immediate reasons for coming to us, we can find more ways to create meaningful change by considering your life holistically (i.e. physical habits, beliefs & values, social communities, etc.). Your life experience is unlike that of anyone else, and we do our best to be curious about all of you.

Humanistic and Client Centered

Humanistic psychology tells us that humans already know how heal and what we do as therapists is help people get out of their own way. With effective support, you will take yourself where you need to go. Much like other aspects of nature and biology, if we just support the system by reducing what’s holding us back, we can flourish. 

Yes, this is more easily said than done. If it were simple, you would have already done it! Healing can be incredibly complex and challenging. But our client-centered unique approach to therapy means we see the client and therapist as equal partners and your experience as deeply valid. While we do offer active ways to engage in therapy, we don’t give advice and we don’t judge. Humans have remarkable abilities to grow, heal and change, and we believe you already do, as well.

Proactive and Dynamic

We know you have all the magic (or whatever it is) inside you to create your own healing, but we also know you came to us for HELP. At Experience Therapy Group, our therapists can provide concrete tools, practices, skills, and recommendations to help you get actively engaged in your treatment. 

Clients often start therapy after things have been hard for awhile. We respect your investment in us and this process, and we recognize how important it is for you to start to see some change and experience some relief as soon as possible. That’s why our therapists are proactive in their treatment approach. We want to know what meaningful change looks like for you and help keep you on track to get there.

Our therapists are dynamic, in that they can do both. They can offer concrete skills, tools and suggestions when needed/appropriate AND they can build a meaningful partnership with you to tackle deep personal work. Oftentimes we need support with both to make the change we seek.

Grounded in Science, Passionate about Art

You can train in all the techniques and read all the therapy books and still not be an effective therapist. There is an art to it, in addition to the science. What makes our approach at ETG unique is that we are passionate about both.

We create a therapy space where we utilize evidence-based practices and new research in combination with the soft but powerful skills of interpersonal relationship building and collaborative partnership. 

We also support our clinicians with an annual training stipend to assist with access to continual professional training of their choice. In addition, our clinicians are part of professional and peer groups, have the benefits of multiple onsite supervisors and supports, and are always sharing information and resources.

Therapists have to be in touch with their own personhood and intentional about their clinical choices to be good at this job. We believe we hire therapists who have an exceptional ability to be artful, nuanced, and bring their authentic selves to their professional life. We also structure our practice to minimize the chance of burnout and support healthy, well-resourced therapists who can do their best work over time.

Ethical, Boundaried, and Giving a Sh**

We have reverence for how hard this process is for each and every one of our clients, because we have also struggled. It takes courage to do therapy and change does not happen in a straight line. Your relationship with your therapist is such an important part of you working towards your goals. We take that relationship incredibly seriously and it deserves to be protected.

There are ethical guidelines, laws, and best practices that exist to protect the integrity of that relationship. At ETG, it goes without saying that we adhere to all ethical and legal principles. We also hold ourselves to the highest personal standards possible, because we care. We prioritize ethical treatment of all clients, we work hard to hold appropriate boundaries that support clients in this vulnerable and, at times, even scary process, and we really, really care about doing right by each and every person who trusts us to be part of their personal journey. 

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