Elizabeth Baum, MA, LPC

Meet Elizabeth ...

Elizabeth (she/her) is a a Pre-Licensed Staff Therapist with ETG. She holds a MA in Counseling from Northwestern University.

She is passionate about the ability therapy has to change lives for the better and how it helps people heal. She wants to assist others in building authentic, real relationships and believes in empathy, vulnerability, authenticity, and trying to stay present. She enjoys working with adolescents, adults and couples and works from an integrative lens that draws on her Psychodynamic training and incorporates Attachment Theory/Emotionally Focused Therapy (how we show up in relationships and how attachment needs/emotions fuel our behaviors), Polyvagal Theory (how our nervous system plays a part in emotional regulation, social connection, and fear response), and Person Centered Theory (how the relationship between counselor/client is of utmost importance to therapeutic success and the benefit of working from a collaborative perspective). She also cannot and will not shut up about the importance of self-compassion. 

She is both creative and analytical and is excited when therapy is referred to as “a science and an art.” She got her bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Middle Tennessee State University and has always been drawn to storytelling and the power it gives us when we see the world from another person’s point of view. 

Elizabeth has training in Brainspotting (Phase I & Phase II) and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples). She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher. She believes in exploring the mind-body connection, especially the impact of breathwork in dealing with anxiety and stress. She also loves psychoeducation and the power of understanding ourselves and how our minds work to create change.

Elizabeth is a facilitator for Unscripted’s Improv for Anxiety class which she adores. She also co-founded the Lit Therapists Book Club because she values both continuing education and building community. At school, she co-led Student Counselors for Social Justice and is committed to doing her own work around privilege and biases. 

Outside of the ETG office, Elizabeth used to enjoy spending time snuggling with her cats and being an amatuer cat photographer but for now the cats have taken a backseat to her new baby boy and the sweet chaos of parenting a small child. She also has a dog who would like to be mentioned because he struggles with cat jealousy. Other interests include things like reading (although she mostly listens to audiobooks and thinks they deserve more credit than they often get), cooking, not cooking and eating out, spending time in nature but away from bugs, doing artsy things like seeing live theater, going to dance classes, doing yoga, or riding her Peloton, and doing NY Times crossword puzzles daily.

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