Therapy for Depression

The Wizard of Oz ... only in reverse.

In the classic movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy moves from Kansas where everything is grey to the land of Oz where everything is colorful and full of life. When you have depression, it’s kind of like that, only in reverse.

Activities that you used to enjoy now feel bland and empty. A future that used to feel exciting now seems pointless. And just getting through the day can feel miserable and exhausting.

Don’t give up hope. When you’re stuck in depression, it can be hard to see a way out. But depression is highly treatable with the help of a trained therapist. Your therapist can help you take practical steps to feel better, provide a sounding board to find relief from overwhelming feelings, and build the skills you need to break free from the grip of depression.

At Experience Therapy Group, we understand that every person is unique; we specialize in treating depression using an approach that’s personalized to you. Broadly speaking, you and your therapist will work together to:

  1. develop skills to help you manage and reduce the symptoms of depression
  2. gain insights and uncover some of the negative core beliefs that contribute to depression
  3. help you to confidently reengage with life and recover motivation and excitement for your passions 

For some people, depression only lasts for a season of life, usually after a significant loss or life change, but for others depression can be a recurring challenge that resurfaces over the course of our lives. Therapy can offer you the support, coping skills and insights to get through both the more brief seasons of situational depression as well as help you to cultivate the inner resources to create a long-lasting recovery from persistent depression.

Depending on what works best for you, at Experience Therapy Group, we might draw from traditional talk therapy methods such as CBT as well as experiential therapy approaches that help to illuminate patterns and uncover new perspectives that you may have not considered before. Our experiential approach helps you participate more deeply with therapy in a meaningful new way!

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Our passion
is working collaboratively with you ...

To understand your values, develop personal goals, and support you in living a joyful, balanced, and fulfilling life. We currently provide individual and group therapy to adults and teens at our office in East Nashville.

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