Identity Counseling

The struggle to discover and accept our own identity can sometimes feel like being lost in a labyrinth.

Self-discovery is a complex journey filled with twists, turns, and dead ends. Societal expectations and personal conflicts can complicate this process, making you feel stuck and unsure of your true self.

Your therapist can help you unearth your authentic self, learn to assert your individuality, and build confidence in your unique self-expression. Our therapists at Experience Therapy Group respect our client’s right to self-determination.  We are committed to offering a humanizing and culturally sensitive therapeutic environment where you can explore your values and desires openly.

We have experience supporting clients as they explore many aspects of their identities, including: gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race or ethnic heritage, relationship and sexual lifestyles, military background, disabilities, among many more.

There are many parts of our identity that society doesn’t always seek to understand or welcome. As we seek better understanding of our feelings and ever-changing values around our identities, it can be essential to have empathetic support and guidance sifting through the complexities that naturally come to the surface.

At Experience Therapy Group, we support identity exploration using a personalized, collaborative, & experiential approach. Combining traditional talk therapy with other dynamic therapies like Internal Family Systems, Brainspotting, & Sandtray Therapy that stimulate both your mind and body, we help you navigate your self-discovery journey. This individualized method allows for a deep, meaningful exploration of your identity and fosters self-acceptance and growth.

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Our passion
is working collaboratively with you ...

To understand your values, develop personal goals, and support you in living a joyful, balanced, and fulfilling life. We currently provide individual and group therapy to adults and teens at our office in East Nashville.

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