Relationship Issues

Falling in love isn't the same thing as staying in love.

The beginning stage of a relationship is referred to as the “honeymoon” phase. It’s when attraction, compatibility and seemingly magical timing sync up to create a spark of chemistry. This period of “falling in love” is what movies and books are written about, and it’s a deeply meaningful and significant stage of our relationships… but, it’s not the end of the story.

“Staying in love” occurs in the next two phases of a relationship, which are referred to as the “landing” and “bargaining” stages. Naturally, the people we fall in love with are dynamic and complex creatures (as we are ourselves!) with shifting values and needs, and a wide variety of idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. It’s often during life transitions – co-habitating, blending families, marriage, parenting – that these deeper layers of our relationship can start to make waves. 

The turbulence could be caused by communication breakdowns, trust issues, or deep-seated disagreements, turning your once peaceful journey into a tumultuous ride.

However, it’s important to remember that even the stormiest seas can be navigated with the right guidance. These ebbs and flows are both normal and essential for deepening our bonds.  Your therapist can help you learn to communicate effectively, rebuild trust, and create a nurturing and supportive relationship. Active listening and communication are key components of a well-balanced relationship, and a therapist can provide an objective foundation for practicing becoming more effective in communicating your feelings, perspectives, values, and needs in your relationship.

At Experience Therapy Group, we help both individuals and couples create more secure and joyful relationships in their lives. We incorporate traditional talk therapy and experiential therapy interventions centered around  communication, values exploration, deep listening, and mutual support. We can help guide you through relationship challenges and help foster repairing trust and establishing a deeper bond with your partner. Our creative approach to therapy ensures active engagement in the therapy process. Rather than just listening to the advice of a “relationship expert”, active engagement in the therapeutic process allows for more meaningful insights and lasting change, because true clarity and transformation is generated from within the relationship itself!

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