Life Transitions

Going through significant life transitions can make it feel as though you're wandering aimlessly through the forrest without a map

The once familiar scenes of your life become strange and unsettling, leaving you feeling lost and disoriented. Whether it’s a change in career, moving to a new city, navigating the transition from young adulthood into adulthood, having a baby or adjusting to life after a significant loss, these shifts present a multitude of challenges and can impact our day to day life, sometimes in ways that we are not even aware of.

But remember, every new experience holds the promise of a new storyline, and therapy can help you reflect on your values, remember your strengths and stay focused on the bigger picture so that you can more easily navigate these changes and emerge on the other side. During times of change, we often find ourselves managing our stress in old, all too familiar ways. Therapy can help you adapt to changes in healthier ways, with greater resilience and self-awareness.  Your therapist will support you in understanding the ebbs and flows of your experience, developing healthy coping strategies, and finding helpful reflections and routines in your new circumstances.

At Experience Therapy Group, we often support individuals through life transitions with our unique blend of traditional and experiential approaches to therapy. We also find it helpful to incorporate therapeutic principles like radical acceptance, beginner’s mind, self-compassion, healthy boundaries & more. Our experiential approach to therapy can help you adapt to changes with a stronger self-belief where you can not only think in more helpful ways, but you can also feel more clear and confident in your decision-making.

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