Therapy for Teens & Young Adults

Navigating through teen and young adult years can be challenging.

Young people are attempting to manage external expectations and discover their individuality through the process. Dealing with academic pressure, peer relationships, self-esteem issues, and identity confusion can create a whirlwind of emotions and stress.

But remember, every protagonist finds their way eventually, and for teens and young adults therapy can serve as a helpful guide. Your therapist can help you handle stress, develop self-confidence, and guide you through this complex stage of life. Understanding yourself often comes from having a non-judgmental space to explore the edges of your comfort zone and encouraging yourself to become an active participant in your passions and desires.

At Experience Therapy Group, we specialize in therapy for teens and young adults using an experiential approach. We blend traditional talk therapy with other experiential interventions like expressive arts that stimulate both mind and body, helping teens and young adults effectively cope with their challenges and explore their identity without shame or judgment. This unique approach to therapy facilitates deep engagement with the therapeutic process, promoting self-understanding and resilience. 

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Our passion
is working collaboratively with you ...

To understand your values, develop personal goals, and support you in living a joyful, balanced, and fulfilling life. We currently provide individual and group therapy to adults and teens at our office in East Nashville.

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