Therapy for Trauma

Trauma Therapy: regaining safety, finding clarity, and stepping out of familiar patterns.

Living with unresolved trauma can impact your life in many ways, trauma therapy can help! This is true whether you experienced “Big-T Trauma” (a single unsafe experience like a car crash) or “Little-t trauma” (ongoing unpredictable experiences, like growing up in a chaotic home.)

You might experience symptoms that are obviously caused by trauma – such as flashbacks to a traumatic moment, or panic when you experience something that reminds you of your experience. But you might also be struggling with problems that seem unrelated to your trauma until you dig deeper. For instance, trauma can make it harder to feel close to others, manage your feelings without exploding or shutting down, or have a healthy relationship with yourself.

Whatever your experience, you deserve the chance to heal. While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to trauma, there are several proven therapies that help most trauma survivors. A compassionate trauma therapist can find the right approach that will help you heal from trauma and live a life free from the past.

At Experience Therapy Group, we use a trauma-informed model which understands how your trauma can affect all areas of your life, and prioritizes creating a safe, supportive place where you can heal at your own pace. All of our therapists are trained in trauma resolution therapies. We use both traditional therapy methods as well as trauma specific interventions – like EMDR & Brainspotting – that engage both your mind and body. Our approach helps you participate more deeply with therapy and find lasting healing.

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