Caleb Bagwell, MA, MSA

Meet Caleb ...

Caleb is a Pre-licensed Staff Therapist with ETG, currently working towards licensure as an LPC-MHSP in Tennessee. He graduated from Belmont University with an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as an MA in Sport Administration.

Caleb has experience working in both residential treatment and partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. He enjoys working with all clients, with special interest in trauma treatment, military related issues, intimacy disorders and sex and love addiction, substance abuse disorders, anxiety and depression, and self-medicating tendencies. Caleb feels particularly called to work with men seeking help from the pressures of societal and/or familial and cultural norms. Caleb’s history as a college athlete and United States Marine Corps veteran lend him a special interest in treating fellow veterans and former/current athletes.

Caleb believes in the importance of accepting and loving one’s self and taking cognitive and rational behavioral approaches to reframing negative self-talk and core-beliefs. He believes in diving deeper into the root causes of these negative core-beliefs and working to heal their source instead of taking a bandaid approach to remedying symptoms.

Caleb has experience with clients dealing with a vast range of traumatic experiences, including military related PTSD, sexual trauma, religious trauma, and complex family systems trauma. He has a passion for fostering a safe and accepting environment in which he and the client can sit with and heal from these traumatic events. He does this with an integrated approach of cognitive theories, polyvagal theory, humanistic approaches, trauma centered modalities, and internal family systems techniques.

When Caleb is not working with clients or furthering his training he can be found outdoors enjoying nature with his chocolate Labrador puppy Belle, whether that be going for a walk or fishing at the lake. Caleb is an avid college sports fan and loves cheering on his favorite teams with friends. Caleb enjoys nerding out on Tolkien’s Middle Earth lore as well as the Star Wars Universe. After a long week Caleb can be found at the local honky tonk line dancing and country swing dancing to recharge his internal battery.

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