Audrey Thresher (Clinical Intern)

Meet Audrey...

Audrey (she/her) is a Clinical Intern at ETG completing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Vanderbilt University. Originally from Franklin, TN, she holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Belmont University.

Audrey believes everyone deserves a space where they can attend to their core personhood. We are pulled in so many different directions and given many labels like student, worker, parent, etc. It is the health of the person at the center makes all the other roles possible. In order to have that healthy center, we need the ability to hold multiple seemingly paradoxical emotions and concepts, like celebration and grief, hope and discouragement, community and personal identity, and exploration and comfort. All people deserve to be known & understood, especially by themselves, and clients deserve to find their own way in a world where they feel othered.

Audrey’s approach incorporates self-exploration & understanding, development of identity & values, and reconnecting the mind, body, and spirit. She utilizes self-compassion, mindfulness, and somatics. Clinically, Audrey draws on IFS (Internal Family Systems) & Parts Work, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Strengths-based, and Narrative therapy models.

Audrey loves working with people recovering from religious trauma (deconstructing/reconstructing) and spiritual exploration & questioning, people unwinding sexual shame & exploring what sex/intimacy means to them, grief & loss, folks in the LGBTQIA+ community, people transitioning into or out of academic life, people in addiction recovery, and folks with disabilities. She also has special experience working with Nashvillians experiencing homelessness, college students exploring their identities and navigating academic pressures, and young adults in recovery or re-evaluating their relationship with substances.

When not doing school work or seeing clients at ETG, Audrey can be found spending time with her partner & doberman mix named Honey or out and about anywhere you can see art or hear music. She also enjoys doing hot yoga, reading books about all the things, and cooking messily (and without a recipe).

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