Ash Browning (Clinical Intern)

Meet Ash...

Ash (she/her) is a clinical intern at ETG and is currently completing her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy at Lipscomb University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Texas, specializing in relational communication. For the past two decades, Ash has integrated ritual, mindfulness, and somatic movement into her professional life.

Ash embraces a humanistic and holistic approach, focusing on enhancing self-compassion, improving communication, and fostering congruence within individuals and their relationships. Ash looks beyond “presenting problems” and symptoms to intimate relationships and how the greater context of clients’ worlds impacts functioning and well-being. Weaving elements of family systems, mindfulness, parts work, and creative arts techniques into sessions, Ash brings humor, curiosity, and compassion into the therapy room. She strives to create a safe space for clients to express their unabashed true selves. 

Ash is passionate about the healing potential held within liminal spaces. She has worked extensively as a life-cycle celebrant, creating custom rites-of-passage ceremonies to support clients’ transition from one life stage to the next. In therapy, Ash assists clients in crossing the bridge between the past and the future, honoring their journeys, and embracing new beginnings with confidence and purpose.

Committed to a collaborative and client-centered process, Ash assists individuals, couples, and families with life transitions, relationship concerns, neurodiversity, and the challenge of being human in these complex times. She welcomes non-traditional family structures, alternative relationship configurations, and LGBTQIA+ clients. Ash especially enjoys working with clients struggling with identity, dissolving significant relationships, and adults with ADHD managing life in a neurotypical world. 

Ash is also a hatha yoga instructor, a Qoya-inspired movement teacher, and a nature enthusiast. When not studying or working, she is covered in dirt, tending to her ceremonial labyrinth garden, the Temple of Bloom. Ash delights in exploring the intersection of science and magic and traveling to mysterious power spots around the globe.

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