Experiencing Modern Manhood

Experiencing Modern Manhood

A therapy group for male-identifying adults

Mondays 7-8:30 pm, 4/22/24 – 6/17/24 (no group on 5/27)

8 weeks, with a break for Memorial Day

$50/session, pre-pay discount available

This 90-minute group will meet once a week for eight weeks and explore the themes of healthy communication, intimacy, authenticity, and the roles and rules we have taken on to fulfill what society says we should be while neglecting what we need in order to foster a truly healthy and supportive community.

By the end of this program it is our hope that you will have a greater sense of what it means to be more self-directed and more in control of your life and not as frequently swept up in dysregulated, reactionary behaviors.

The core of this group will rely on Experiential Therapy practices. What that means is that while, yes, there will be time to discuss, share, and relate with each other regarding the week’s topic, there will also be a variety of exercises and activities that allow us to practice these new skills as well as feel into these new experiences. It’s one thing to talk about new concepts and skills, but it can bring a sense of empowerment when we move out of our chairs and step into a potentially new way of being.

This group is facilitated by ETG Staff Therapist Sean Coyle, LPC-MHSP. Click here to learn more about Sean.

Payment & Policies: This group requires a commitment to attend the entire 8 weeks from each participant, in order to foster the best experience for all group members. Cost is $400 total for the 8 week group. Participants may choose to pay in weekly installments of $50/week, or to pre-pay the full amount up front. If you choose to pre-pay, you receive a $25 discount, with the pre-pay rate of $375.

Registration: To register, please fill out the form to start the intake process. Once received, our Intake coordinator will reach out and arrange for a brief phone call to answer any questions, assess if the group is a good fit for your needs, and complete your registration.


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